qico - an FTN compatible mailer


FTN compatible mailer with many features, such as:
  • Protocols: ZModem, ZedZap, Hydra (Std,4k,8k,16k), Janus; Binkp
  • Outbounds: Binkley-style, Amiga-style, FileBoxes, LongBoxes
  • Graphical ncurses-based control UI
  • Fast internal nodelist compiler, with small indexes
  • Command line outbound and nodelist manager
  • Substs, supported various hidden and IP lines
  • Dynamic configuration, with very nice capacity
  • Support for WaZoo and SRIF file requests
  • Various transform of incoming and outgoing filenames
  • Support for skipping and suspending files
  • Perl-hooks
  • Chat
  • ...


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